What we will not do

• We will not collect personal information without your knowledge and/or consent.
• We will not sell and/or distribute any of these information, including information collected as a by-product of your visit.
• We will not send you any unsolicited marketing messages without your consent.

What we will do

• We will keep all information entrusted to us confidential.
• We will take all prudent precautions to keep these information secure.


There are widespread concern about cookies and what they can do to compromise security on your computer system. However, this concern stems from the fear that unscrupulous site operators might use them to achieve their unethical ends. Nonetheless, this concern is probably the result of not knowing what cookies do and do not do.

However, cookies have been abused in a way that might invade your privacy (rather than compromising security). In this respect, it is appropriate that we state how we use these cookies ourselves and to provide you with more information about them.

We use them to remember your preferences, like the language you would like the page to use. In that way, we use them to provide you with a satisfying and fullfilling experience of your visit with us.

Here, we state categorically that we do not use cookies to do the following.
• We do not store login ids or passwords in them, encrypted or otherwise.
• We do not store credit card numbers, email addresses or phone numbers in the cookie.
• We do not store any personal information you provide to us in them.

Facts about cookies

A cookie is no more than a text file placed on your hard drive by a website. Cookies are used as a method, by a website, to tell them that you have visited the site and that you have returned. This is achieved by storing information about you between visits.

What cookies cannot do

• It cannot be used to deliver viruses, worms and the like to your computer.
• It cannot be read by any website apart from the site that placed it there.
• It cannot be used as a way of accessing other files or information that is kept in your computer’s hard drive.
• It cannot be used to take over your computer.

If you want more information about cookies, dmoz has quite alot of information about them, including the dark side of cookies and counter measures you can use. You can also use a search engine and look for "internet cookies" or "persistent cookies" and get an information overload from it.

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